Inspired by (ripped from?) a song by Fort Atlantic, "Let your heart hold fast" - from How I Met Your Mother. Love the lyrics, so naturally they're all I can think of when I see the title "Hold Fast."
Easier said than done
Wishes and wishing are usually seen in a positive light. Very inspirational. Hopeful. Like dreaming.

But ... they're also passive. Wishing takes away all control and responsibility. It's a little bit like believing in magic. Cinderella was a dreamer and a wisher, but she could have walked away from her evil stepmother at any time. Maybe even have met her prince without the help of a fairy godmother. Who knows?

Wishing perpetuates unhappiness, I think. You can't  possibly be happy with what you have, where you are, or who you are with, if you're wishing for something else. What if you didn't wish for anything and were just happy with here and now?
Is there anything simultaneously better and worse than hope when it comes to a new crush? When you think "what if...?" and there's actually a chance, until you realize that it's false hope you're just creating in your own head.
Not sure what this means, exactly, but I like the idea that you can beat the Tear Collector just by wishing. Sort of like helping an angel get its wings, or keeping Tinkerbell alive just by believing.